This is NO Vacation! People are dying!

Seek out local trails. Seek out lightly traveled trails. And keep your distance from fellow hikers.

The world is in the midst of a pandemic. Thousands of people are dying and thousands more are seriously ill. And it is only going to get worse. Our economy is on the brink of a depression. To help fight the spread of Covid-19 we are asked to stay six feet apart from each other and limit our usual activities. Yet for tens-dare I say hundreds of thousands of folks this past weekend it was the beginning of summer vacation. People swarmed to packed beaches- took to trails that are always crowded making them even more crowded and disregarded the fact that they are endangering themselves and others.

While our governor as yet to declare a more restrictive order on our movements, it is coming because too many folks can’t or don’t want to take this threat seriously or adhere to social distancing.

Yes, getting outdoors and being physically active are absolutely necessary for our well-being and especially to abate the huge amount of anxiety we are all under. Yes, hiking is good for you—but not if it involves rubbing shoulders with hundreds of others on crowded trails. We have closed restaurants, stores, countless businesses and events to flatten the curve-but none of that will matter if folks are still congregating in crowded places and spreading the Covid-19 virus. All of our efforts including putting millions of folks out of work will be meaningless if we act selfishly by ignoring social-distancing guidelines.

For the life of me I can’t understand why so many folks can’t comprehend this or refuse to adhere to the need to social distance.  If you want to go out and hike and run—and I know I do-absolutely stay away from the popular and crowded trails. If you arrive at a trailhead and there are cars overflowing down the road-it is pretty obvious this is not the place to be.

Seek a quiet trail-there are hundreds of them. Head down old logging roads-there are hundreds of miles of them.

Don’t hike in large groups!

Stay at least 6 feet away from your fellow trail users.

Stay close to home

Wash your hands or apply hand sanitizer regularly, especially after touching door handles on privies and railings for example.

People are dying and our medical workers and first responders are risking their health and lives for us during this crisis. You can forgo that hike or camping trip you always wanted to do. It will be there for you later-but your neighbor may not be if you insist on doing as you please. We will get through this crisis—but only if we work together and act selflessly.

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