$5.00 and a good guess may get you a brand new pair of Oboz hiking shoes

This is Miles the Marmot, the official mascot of the 2015 WTA hike-a-thon. Expect to see him all over the Olympics with me this month. Here he is at Humpnoochee Pass.

The Washington Trails Association Hike-A-Thon has begun and I am on a quest to hike my butt off spreading the good word about WTA and how they protect our trails—and to raise $5,000 for them. I am currently 60% there on the fundraising and have just begun on the hiking.

My good friends at Green Trails Maps have decided to sponsor me at $5 a mile! Wow! Do they know how much I typically hike in August? This could be a great donation. So how much am I going to get them to donate for our trails? Let’s make this a CONTEST because my good friends at Oboz Footwear have donated a pair of hiking shoes for me to give away to help my fundraising efforts.

I’ll be hiking hell or high water (well-low water actually) racking up miles for the Hike-A-Thon.

So, here’s the contest. Make a $5.00 donation by going to this link. Then guess how many miles I am going to hike this month. The person that guesses the closest wins a FREE PAIR OF HIKING SHOES. That’s up to a $150 value for just five bucks! And the person that comes in second will win a FREE COPY OF MY DAY HIKING MOUNT ST. HELENS BOOK.

And of course our trails win on every guess!

Okay, I am off and hiking. Make your guess (after making your donation) by sending it to me at Craig@CraigRomano.com.


Winner will be announced on September 1 and will have their choice of shoes to pick from.

And some details for you:

My miles for the month are just for hiking trail miles. So this doesn’t include my regular running miles on pavement. Here are my August miles from the past five years to help you make a guess.

August 2014   193.8 miles

August 2013   134.5 miles

August 2012   200.2 miles

August 2011   287.4 miles

August 2010   158.5 miles

Good Luck!

And remember that all donations of $25 or more also gets you a FREE Green Trails Special Series Map ($16 value). I have lots for you to choose from.

And all donations of at least $40 gets you the map and a ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP IN WTA.

Thanks so much to all of you and to  my wonderful sponsors; Mountaineers Books, Green Trails Maps, and Oboz Footwear.

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