Day Hiking the San Juans and Gulf Islands has been released!

At last–my Day Hiking the San Juans and Gulf Islands guidebook is available. I just received my review copy and the book is now busily making its way into bookstores and retail centers across the Northwest. As with my 11 previously authored and co-authored books, I am proud of the work that I put into making this book the best it can be! What I originally thought was going to be one of my easier projects in terms of research-turned out to be quite a challenge. There are 28 islands in the book encompassing a wide array of parks. preserves and reserves. All of the main ferry accessible islands are in the book–as well as the major marine state and provincial parks. Some of those were a challenge to get to-but friends with benefits (boats!) and water taxis got me to them. The only one I wished to include but couldn’t get to was Tumbo–something to look forward to when the book is revised in the future.

What you will find in this book however is the most comprehensive hiking guide to the heart of the Salish Sea. I treat the region as one. Most authors split the region at the international boundary-an arbitrary line, as this region is culturally, historically and naturally one. I include too the jumping off points to the islands as they are also culturally, historically, naturally, and economically linked to the islands. In this book you will find 136 hikes roughly split in half between Washington and British Columbia. You’ll find hikes around Anacortes, Victoria, and Point Roberts. You’ll find hikes on Lummi, Guemes, Vendovi, Sinclair, Cypress, Lopez, Orcas, Shaw, San Juan, Jones, Stuart, Patos , Matia, and Sucia islands. You’ll find hikes on Galiano, Mayne, Pender, Salt Spring, Saturna, Princess Margaret, Sidney, Wallace, Thetis, Newcastle and Gabriola islands.

You will find hikes in the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve and the new San Juan Islands National Monument. You’ll find hikes perfect for BannerSanJuanBookkids, dogs, bird-watching, beach walking, whale watching and of historical interest. You’ll find information on how to navigate the islands and the international border. I invite you to pick up your own copy and start exploring one of the most amazing archipelagos on the planet. I look forward to hearing what you think too-so please drop me a line. And if you like the book (which I know you will), please feel free to write an online review. I also look forward to meeting with you in person sometime in the near future at an upcoming presentation. Happy maritime hiking, friends!

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