Murder Hornets Attracted to Loud Music

Scientists have recently revealed that Asian Giant Hornets, lovingly referred to by many as Murder hornets are attracted to loud music. There have been several incidents over the past year where hikers were viciously attacked and repeatedly stung by the insects. The one thing that every one of these hikers and groups of hikers had in common was that they were playing loud music on the trail. The hornets seemed to be particularly drawn to techno, rap, and whatever most modern music can be classified as.

Rangers have begun putting up warnings at popular trailheads about the dangers of blasting loud music where the giant hornets have been sighted. Some hikers however welcome the news that the hornets deliberately seek out the music blasting hikers. “I had put traps up for the murder hornets,” states Saul Sicothenoiz. “But now I’m thinking that these hornets might not be that bad after all,” he added.

“I was worried about the honey bees which the hornets have a penchant for,” said Ima Fedup. “But I ‘m more concerned about my favorite places in the woods being invaded by clueless louts destroying the serenity,” said Fedup. “These hornets just might be a Godsend,” she added. Many other concerned hikers voiced similar thoughts. One things is for sure is that Fish and Wildlife officials and scientists are in a conundrum. This was summed up by Doctor Norma Racket, “Well, I welcome the wasps if we can save the honey bees and get rid of the son of a bees!”

And yes this is an April Fools Day report! Now all you hikers blasting loud music on the trail, be like the wasps and buzz off!

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  1. Bonnie Rae on April 1, 2021 at 10:29 am

    Best. Post. Ever.

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