Bug bites bite! But they don’t have to itch!

If you’re like me you probably just grudgingly accept that part of being in the great outdoors is sharing it with a slew of annoying and biting insects. I detest insect repellents (I don’t like applying toxic substances to my body and I hate being sticky afterward),so I try my hardest not to use them—which usually means I head into a run when I encounter an exceptionally buggy patch of wilderness. But what do you if a bunch of the buggers get to you and leave you with welts, bumps, and red dots that scream to be scratched!?

Well, you usually just give in and scratch which only provides temporary relief and often makes things worse. Fortunately I don’t react too badly to bug bites so I have never paid much attention to the various insect bite relief products that are on the market. When I was first made aware of a pair of new products—the Don’t Scratch that Pen and Don’t Scratch that Patches from the All Better Company I didn’t pay too much attention.

But then I read more deeply about these products using plant based products and thought-what the heck, let’s give it a try. Besides, these products were founded by two Moms who came up with this relief formula for their outdoor playing children.

This year in Northwest Washington was a good year to put these products to the test as we were having an exceptional outbreak of floodwater mosquitoes. After an afternoon being subjected to their constant attacks, I took the convenient Don’t Scratch That Pen (which fits easily in your pack or pocket) and applied the formula consisting of CBD, oat kernel, jojoba, and coconut oil to my bites. This combo of ingredients was designed to help reduce inflammation, ease itching, promote healing, and rehydrate the skin. And to my surprise I immediately felt relief. This stuff works! And I especially like that it is so easy to apply and so convenient to tote around and leaves no stickiness or odor on my skin.

For the patches, I summoned my Mother who is exceptionally sensitive to insect bites to give them a try. After a day on the Appalachian Trail in New Hampshire she had amassed a good collection of welts. We applied the patches (which weren’t quite as easy to apply as the cream) on the bug bites and to her surprise, the formula of the patches which includes tea tree oil provided instant relief and hastened healing. The patches are touted for when you need a little extra strength for relief and they came through.

I now carry the Don’t Scratch that Pen in my pack when hiking in buggy terrain and its minimal dimensions adds virtually no weight to my pack nor does it take up much space. If you have tried other insect bite relief products or none at all and have resigned yourself to the fact that you are going to be itchy and scratching for a while after a bad bug encounter; I encourage you to check these excellent products out and give them a try. For more information, visit allbetterco.com

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