Backcountry Insider

The historic and beautiful (and recently refurbished) Curlew Lake Trestle.

As if I am not busy enough researching and writing books and my regular features-that I have decided to take on a NEW project! I have joined the fun and intrepid folks at Scenic Washington State to be their Backcounty Insider. What does that mean? I will be periodically contributing articles about some of my favorite backcountry and back road spots in Washington state. What’s my first assignment? A trip across the Sherman Pass Scenic Byway in northeastern Washington with stops in Republic, Curlew Lake, Sherman Pass, Hoodoo Canyon, and a CCC Camp and old logging flume. Those of you who know me well, know that I absolutely love the sparsely populated and wildly beautiful northeast corner of the state. My wife and I got married there and I have written a couple of books on the beauty and hiking opportunities there. Won’t you please join me at Scenic Washington State for a trip through this timeless region.

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