Need Your Trail Fix Now?

Okay, you have all of my books (thanks!), but your trail fix is insatiable. You need more trail info and you need it now! Where can you get it? Well aside from waiting for my next book (thanks again), I write several regular columns where you can find up-to-date trail info, more info on trails I have previously written about, and new information on trails I have never written about before!

Look for my outdoor writings here:  A new hike specifically chosen to correspond with the season or an event is posted every Thursday. Sponsored by the Snohomish County Tourism Bureau, every other post is  a Snohomish County destination–a close to home hike if you live in the greater Seattle area. The other weeks are selected hikes from throughout Washington with an occasional Oregon and British Columbia destination thrown in for good measure. You can subscribe so you never miss a post!

Northwest Trails in Outdoors NW. Look for my column in every issue of Outdoors NW spotlighting wonderful hiking destinations throughout the Northwest. What’s on the lineup for 2014? March/April Hanford Reach National Monument;  May/June Silver Star Scenic Area; July/Aug Backpacking the Olympic Coast; Sept/Oct Stuart Island; Nov/Dec Klickitat River Trail.

Seattle Met’s Tripster’s Try this Trail  Check out this blog every month for my hike of the month. And check out this month’s issue for a nice roundup of a year in trails! What will 2014’s hiking flow chart look like? You’ll have to hike along with me to find out!

Washington Trails Magazine- Trail Less Traveled – Look in Every issue of this magazine published by the Washington Trails Association for my pick of a trail not well known, and one you are sure to want to know. Skip those popular trails and try out one less traveled-it will make all of the difference.

Mountaineers Magazine -Starting in the next issue, my Trail Talk column debuts. It’ll have a little different take on the trails focusing on philosophical, spiritual, controversial and other issues that we and our trails are often faced with. Come along with me for the hike as we look at some interesting and complex issues. And you thought it was just put one foot in front of the other!

VisitRainier.comLook for posts on hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, trail running, and mountain biking the many trails in and around Mount Rainier National Park. I occasionally write some historical pieces and general interest pieces too (like this one on lookout towers).

And, there’s more to come! I’ll be writing some features here and there and will be starting a new and exciting writing gig with Scenic Washington State starting really soon (I’ll keep you posted on that). But I would say this is enough for now–I have to leave some time to actually do some hiking! Se you on the trail!

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