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3 March 2014
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Smash and Grab! What’s a hiker to do?

There’s nothing like spending a day on the trail deep in the wilderness far from the ills of modern society–to return to your vehicle at the trailhead to see that the ills of modern society have paid you a visit. Car break-ins,  smash-and-grabs, car clouting-whatever you want to call it is far too common at […]

17 February 2014
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Happy Presidents’ Day and a Bipartisan plea for more Mount Roosevelts

Today is the day we honor our presidents. I remember when we had two separate holidays in February for specific presidents—one for Lincoln’s birthday and one for Washington’s. But somewhere down the road of watering down holidays to make them just three day weekends and excuses to go shopping, we amalgamated those two days into […]

29 January 2014
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The Loonie dives! Time to visit Canada again!

Back in the roaring 1990s I spent a lot of time traveling in Canada. Matter-of-fact, a lot of Americans did and it had a lot to do with a strong American dollar. Back then the Canadian dollar–affectionately referred to as the loonie (after the common loon on its dollar coin) was trading between 65 and […]

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