What an October!

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6 November 2013
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Last week was the first week since May that I did not head off for a 2-4 day trip to research trails for writing and mapping projects. While I welcome the reprieve over the next few months from constantly being-on-the-go, I must admit that I am going through hiking withdrawals. Yes, I have lots of work to do now and this is the time that I spend more time in front of my computer than on the trail. I have lots of deadlines and work to do on new books. But–oh how I love the research angle of my work.


Researching on the Loowit Trail (Mount Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument) in late October. I could have hiked forever this year if the optimal weather had continued.

I hiked 114 miles in July, 142 miles in August, 149 miles in September and 163 miles in October. I’ve never put so many miles on the trail in October than this year. What an October it was indeed-one of the best ever with over three weeks of sunny and dry weather. I spent most of that month in the Olympics and Mount St Helens researching trails for new guides. I could have kept going on too as that weather had me charged.

So, now I must get used to the new routine of long hours in front of the computer with short hikes and runs to keep me from going stir crazy over the dark, wet, cool days of the next few months. Rest assured that after four months of polishing manuscripts, arranging speaking appearances, working on magazine articles and web articles, I will be ready to hit the trails again in earnest come March. But for now-I suppose a change of pace is good. How about you? Do you welcome a slower pace and reprieve from the trails or are you planning on getting out as much as possible in the winter months too?

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