6 February 2015
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Mangia Bene

Being Italian American, the first Italian word my Nona taught me was mangia-which in the command form means, Eat! And oh how I love to eat! If I wasn’t a hardcore hiker and runner, I fret over what my hardcore eating would do to my body. But aside from eating for basic functioning and for […]

29 May 2014
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Day Hiking the San Juans and Gulf Islands has been released!

At last–my Day Hiking the San Juans and Gulf Islands guidebook is available. I just received my review copy and the book is now busily making its way into bookstores and retail centers across the Northwest. As with my 11 previously authored and co-authored books, I am proud of the work that I put into making this […]

27 April 2014
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Backcountry Insider

As if I am not busy enough researching and writing books and my regular features-that I have decided to take on a NEW project! I have joined the fun and intrepid folks at Scenic Washington State to be their Backcounty Insider. What does that mean? I will be periodically contributing articles about some of my […]