Classic Hike Threatened with Clear-cut and Trail Closure

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Lake Serene cut2Lake Serene and Bridal Veil Falls perched within the craggy forbidden spires of Mount Index is a hike beloved by thousands of recreationists—and it’s one of my and the late Harvey Manning and Ira Springs 100 Classic Hikes in Washington.

What many hikers don’t realize however is that the beginning of this hike is on private timberland. The owners of this land—Weyerhaeuser—would like to begin logging it—and soon! What does this mean to you?

The moss-draped old maples and mature second growth conifers currently lining the beginning of the trail will be clear cut. It will be the end of a dramatic beginning to this hike—replaced by stumps, slash piles and shortly afterward more than likely, invasive ugly scotch broom.

And this trail—one of the most popular due to its beauty and proximity to Puget Sound cities will be closed from September 5, 2017 to July 1, 2018 no doubt creating more crowding on other trails as our trail access continues to diminish.

But there is hope! Yes, hope. Conservation group Forterra has offered to buy this corridor from Weyerhaeuser creating a win-win for hikers and the company. But to make this happen, we must act fast! Forterra needs to raise $275,000 by October 30th or the logging will begin.

So please:

Visit Forterra’s website and make a donation


Help spread the word, lest the trail to Lake Serene will soon be buzzing with the whine of chain saws.

And if you haven’t hiked this classic yet, pick up a copy of 100 Classic Hikes and get yourself familiar with this and 99 other incredible hiking trails within the state.100 Classic Hikes Washington

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