Independence Day Themed Hikes to set you Free!

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DSCN8424Happy Independence Day! Hiking and spending time in the outdoors is a great way to celebrate our nation’s independence. Our parks, forests and preserves are one of the best attributes of our nation (along with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of course)!

Here are eight great Independence Day themed Washington hikes for you to go fourth on!

Fourth of July Creek

Don’t let this hike’s bad reputation dissuade you from reaping its good views. Sure, it’s one of the snakiest trails in the Icicle Valley-save it for a cool day. And yeah, it’s one of the steepest trails in the valley-hottest too-best to save it for a cool day. And total vertical feet-ooh boy you’ll gain plenty-4,700 feet worth!-so save it for a cool day. But the views! They are amazing; from the Chiwaukum to the Entiat to the Stuart Ranges and beyond-savor it on any day!

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Fourth of July Pass

The views from Fourth of July Pass in the North Cascades won’t exactly set off any fireworks—the pass is low and forested—but

Fourth of July Creek Trail

Fourth of July Creek Trail

hiking to it through old-growth forests in one of the most stunning park complexes in the country is plenty to celebrate. This Independence Day cherish the freedom of the hills and give thanks for our national parks, a truly American ideal by celebrating in one of our national parks—the Ross Lake National Recreation Area, a part of the North Cascades National Park complex.

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Independence Lake

Looking for an easy getaway free from the crowds where you can celebrate your freedom this Fourth of July? Spend your Independence Day at Independence Lake! It’s located high above the South Fork Stillaguamish River Valley surrounded by a rugged topography cloaked in ancient forests. But unlike other Mountain Loop lakes, Independence doesn’t attract large numbers of visitors, making it perfect to enjoy a fairly quiet picnic or night out at a backcountry lake. The hike is short enough too (just 1.5 mile roundtrip) making it perfect for children or late in the day strolling.

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Jefferson Cove

Need a new 4th of July themed destination? How about Jefferson Cove? Our third president penned the Declaration of Independence, so Jefferson Cove sounds like an apropos place indeed to celebrate our nation’s birthday. The hike is short, but can be tricky as you will need to time it for a low tide. It’s best to plan on spending the night, so you have plenty of time to explore between outgoing tides. Starting in a forest of big cedars and hemlocks follow the remnants of an old road to the Hoh River. Then follow the river to the coast Except for an abandoned house across the river, the surroundings are wild and ethereal. Abbey Island floats above the mist south, while Destruction Island hovers above the surf farther out to sea.

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Adams Creek Meadows

DSC07872John Adams was one of the five founding fathers who worked on the Declaration of Independence-so honor him with a hike to the mountain named in his honor. Our second highest peak is named for our second president and there are lots of frist rate hikes on this mountain. Hike through meadows of purple and gold blossoms, forest patches of stunted pines, and talus slopes of volcanic rock to one of the prettiest alpine meadows south of Mount Rainier. Admire resplendent wildflowers growing among gurgling snow melt creeks. Watch for marmots and goats. And stand in awe staring at the second largest glacier in the Continental United States.

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Bunker Hill

Nothing revolutionary about Bunker Hill and you won’t need to battle for it either—it’ll all be yours! Named by two settlers for the famous site in Boston, this little peak stands watch above the Wind River Valley and once served as a fire lookout. The tower is long gone and the trees are big obstructing any viewing. But a little snooping around just below the summit will lead you to some ledges with a nice view south out to the gorge.

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Sherman Peak Loop

Okay-this Sherman is named for the General of Civil War fame, not Roger one of the five framers of the Declaration of DSCN4861Independence—but hey the theme is there! Enjoy striking views of a landscape struck by the forces of nature. This loop takes you on a full-circle tour around 7,011-foot Sherman Peak through two very radically different and contrasting landscapes. En route experience a lush green old-growth forest, and one that was scorched by wildfire leaving a surrealistic landscape of silver snags. But nature like this loop comes around full circle; and the fire consumed forest is nicely regenerating. And with its diverse forest communities, wildlife is prolific on this hike. Don’t forget the binoculars.

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Mount Constitution

Hike to the rooftop of the San Juan Islands on a glorious loop through a grand state park. Wander past three lakes and through windblown pines along precipitous ledges. And climb Mount Constitution’s historic stone tower savoring stunning views of scores of emerald islands in the sparkling Salish Sea; set against a backdrop of snowcapped peaks from Garibaldi to Rainier.

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Happy Independence Day Everyone! Happy Hiking too! You’ll find accurate detailed information for 100s of hikes in my trusted guidebooks published by Mountaineers Books!

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