Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

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1 July 2017
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001I have lived most of my life in two states—Washington and New Hampshire–that border our northern neighboring country, Canada. So naturally being the adventurer that I am, I have made many a trip to Quebec and British Columbia. I love both these provinces for their parks, trails, beautiful landscapes and one of them especially for its culture (that would be the one where they speak French!).

I have traveled and bicycled all of the provinces and the Yukon Territory. And I have hiked in the country and its glorious national and provincial parks from Newfoundland to the Yukon. Canada is a beautiful country with sprawling parks and unsurpassed hiking opportunities.

Some of my favorite Canadian hiking spots include:

Quebec’s Chic Choc Traverse in the Parc du Gaspesie

Yoho National Park’s Iceline Trail

Kootenay National Park’s Floe Lake

The Cape Breton Highlands of Nova ScotiaFloe Lake

Gray Owl’s Cabin in Saskatchewan’s Prince Albert National Park

The Bruce Peninsula in Ontario’s Georgian Bay

Sibley Peninsula on Ontario’s Lake Superior

Kluane National Park in the Yukon

Waterton Glacier National Park in Alberta

BC’s Glacier National Park-

BC’s Manning Provincial Park

And I can go on!

DSCN0550If you have never hiked in this vast county you are missing out on some of the world’s greatest natural landscapes. Head north and wish Canada a happy 150th birthday, hit a Tim Horton’s and hit the trail! And you still have time to get your free national park pass for this special year!


And if you are looking for some great close by Canadian Adventures, pick up a copy of my Day Hiking the San Juans and Gulf Islands book (Mountaineers Books). Half of the book highlights hiking trails in and around Victoria, and on all of the major Gulf Islands including hikes in the Gulf Islands National Park Preserve!Day Hiking San Juan and Gulf Islands

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