Discovery Passes No Longer Required!

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1 April 2017
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DSC05402Note: This post was an April Fools Day Post! There is no such thing as Discovery Passes and DISCOVER PASSES are still required at state parks and lands.

Here is the original post that duped so many-

Barraged by thousands of confused hikers and campers on whether Discovery Passes are needed at trailheads, state officials today decided to scrap them entirely. One overwhelmed state worker, Marvin Malapropism said “You just can’t believe how many people ask us about Discovery Passes.” He stated that Washington has been issuing Discover Passes for years and they have been successful in raising millions of dollars for Washington’s state parks and forests. But, the Discovery Pass has only created confusion and contention he stated. So starting this April 1st, otherwise known as April Fool’s day, Discovery Passes will no longer be required on any of the state’s lands. The Federal Government has never accepted them, leading to one very concerned bureaucrat to even issue this sign near the Queets River Trailhead. Folks with Discover Passes however still were left confused by this proclamation!

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