A Hitchiker’s Guide to the National Parks

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25 September 2015
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As I stuck2015_JulAug_TrailTalk-Hitchhike_page8-9 my thumb out and watched several cars drive by, I kept
plodding up the busy and unsafe roadway. Finally a park ranger
arrived — more specifically a law enforcement agent. Cool, I
thought, I’m going to get a ride.
That didn’t happen. Instead I got hassled! The law enforcement
officer rolled down her window and, without asking me if
everything was okay — if I had car trouble, if I was hurt, etc., said
in a firm and authoritative voice, “Who are you and what are
you doing?”
It was obvious what I was doing — and I told her who I am. Either
she never heard of me or wasn’t impressed with my writing, as
the next thing that came out of her was “Hitchhiking is illegal.”

Read the Entire Story Here  2015_JulAug_TrailTalk-Hitchhike_page8-9

Story originally published in the July-August 2015 Mountaineers Magazine

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