29 January 2014
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Princess Margaret

How can you resist a hike on Princess Margaret Island at a 10% discount?


Out of the 136 hikes in this book, half of them are in British Columbia including an entire chapter on Victoria and the Saanich Peninsula. Start planning your hikes!

Back in the roaring 1990s I spent a lot of time traveling in Canada. Matter-of-fact, a lot of Americans did and it had a lot to do with a strong American dollar. Back then the Canadian dollar–affectionately referred to as the loonie (after the common loon on its dollar coin) was trading between 65 and 70 cents on the American dollar giving American travelers a hefty discount! Americans took advantage of that, swarming to Canadian destinations. Then around 2008 things began to shift-drastically-and the Canadian dollar surged to new heights surpassing the American dollar. With a loonie worth more than a greenback and with new travel restrictions in place (think passport needed for cross border travel) Americans began shunning Canada in big numbers. American tourism to Canada plummeted. Meanwhile, Canadians stoked with economic-steroid enhanced loonies flooded northern American states. No Costco on the northern tier could escape the Canadian invasion. But now in this new year-and yet another year of economic uncertainty-when quantitative easing is easing-the greenback is gaining strength and the loonie is diving. What does this all mean? You might be able to find a parking space again at a Costco and it’s time to start thinking about visiting Canada once again. Right now you are guaranteed a 10% discount! Yep-all of your coffee and donuts at Tim Hortons is 10% off right now. The trend doesn’t seem to be abating-so perhaps by this summer you might even be able to get those donuts for an even better discount. So, start thinking about traveling up there again! Get a passport-or at least an enhanced driver’s license and start discovering great hiking, camping, paddling, and running destinations up north. My upcoming book (Day Hiking the San Juans and Gulf Islands) covers some great British Columbia destinations and I can’t think of a better way to get you excited about checking out the hikes in this book than with a 10% discount. See you at Timmy’s!

One comment on “The Loonie dives! Time to visit Canada again!

  1. Adina | Gluten Free Travelette on said:

    Can’t wait for the book! I foresee much more Canadian hiking in my future.

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