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7 January 2014
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Many of you know that last February, I lost one of the loves of my life, when Scruffy Gray headed to kitty heaven. Scruffers’ departure left a huge hole in my heart and a vacancy in my home office. Giuseppe our Maine coon is still with us and while he is great at getting me up in the morning for work, he pretty much leaves me on my own from there (until at least supper time)! After many months of my wife encouraging me to get a new office assistant and playmate for Giuseppe, we headed to NOAH to adopt a kitty that had caught my (cat) fancy on the internet. While I am like most nutty animal people and find almost all cats and dogs cute-this little tortoise-shell Manx kitty named Mazie immediately tugged at my heart.


Mazie ready to assist me with my latest writing assignment.


Why-yes, there is a kitty in the box! Mazie comes home with us!













After much contemplation, my wife dragged me to NOAH in late September to adopt this adorable 8-year-old cat. Why nobody adopted her before us during her seven month shelter stay is beyond us. She is the most affectionate cat I know. She’s docile, well-tempered and can’t get enough human affection. She sleeps with us usually between our pillows,  between us, or under the sheets! Then she joins me in the morning for a one to two-hour read in which afterward she is usually on my lap or Heather’s lap or chair for the duration of the work day. She will then join one of us for our afternoon nap and then back to accompany us at the computer. After her dinner, it’s back on my lap for another good read. I do believe that this cat has the loudest and most continuous purring of any feline. We feel blessed to have this little bundle of furry love in our lives and know that Scruffers guided her to us. Only you crazy cat and dog people out there get that! The world needs more furry love! What do you think? How have your special furry friends enhanced your life?

4 comments on “Meet Mazie the Manx

  1. Sherry Thostenson on said:

    I’m so glad you found Mazie! Did you say you lost Scruffy Grey in February? Mazie being in the shelter for 7 months would put her there some time in February, right? Interesting. I totally believe that Scruffers guided you to Mazie. I experienced a similar thing with the new dog we adopted. I feel that he was sent to us by our beloved Gus who passed last summer. Whatever the reason, our animals touch our hearts, and animal lovers are the best people!

    • Administrator on said:

      I never made that correlation Sherry-nice observation! Glad to hear that Gus has sent a new furry angel your way!

  2. Joan Huddleston on said:

    When my Thomas was ill with cancer, difficult to diagnose at first, a little white cat came to my door. He’d been “sort of” a stray and kept coming back but also was sort of with the neighbors so I wasn’t sure of his home. But he kept coming to the door and Thomas wasn’t crazy about him but he decided to stay–Daniel that is. I was careful that he not upset Thomas during his illness but when the sad day came, I was so grateful to Daniel for hanging with me and being here. He has been joined by Nicholas from the Seattle Humane society. they are crazy good buddies, right from 2 days after Nicholas came here. they are part Siamese, white with peach coloring, Daniel added color after being solid white, blue eyes and both talk and do lots of tricks and I tell them every day how glad I am to have them in my life.

    • Administrator on said:

      Thanks for sharing your touching story Joan. They are blessed to have you. Sorry to hear about Thomas-it is so difficult to say goodbye to these little bundles of love.

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