Winter Sunsets set my heart aglow!

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4 January 2014
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A stunning winter sunset across the lagoon behind Mile Beach at Reid State Park on Maine’s Georgetown Island.

I absolutely love winter sunsets–and there’s no better place to experience them than at the ocean. Now, naturally some of the finest sunsets that I have witnessed have been along the Pacific Ocean–particularly at Olympic National Park. Pick a dry spell at this rainy coast and be delighted with a fiery red horizon come late evening. Recently, I got to experience an amazing sunset along the Atlantic Ocean-and it wasn’t from Florida’s west coast across the Gulf of Mexico. No, it was in the Gulf of Maine. You see, much of Maine coastline hugs the Atlantic from a northern angle. The Ice Age glaciers carved out plenty of inlets and coves and left behind a myriad of islands and peninsulas with lots of western coastal frontage. And due to the state’s northern latitudes, the sun sets well to the south in early winter allowing for some spectacular Atlantic coastal sunsets! So, consider a trip to the North Atlantic for a stunning coastal sunset! Where have you witnessed your favorite winter sunsets?

One comment on “Winter Sunsets set my heart aglow!

  1. Angela on said:

    I agree. The sunsets recently (and sunrises) in Washington have been stunning!

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