Forest Service Considers A Selfie-Tax

April 1, 2019

Dealing with a proliferation of new trail users, the chronically underfunded Forest Service is considering imposing a radical revenue enhancer; a tax on selfies to help pay for a backlog of maintenance projects, increased search and rescue missions, and for crews to pick up after trash and deuce dropping hikers. “With so many hikers walking…

170 Miles and $5500–Thanks for a Successful Hike-a-thon

September 8, 2018

This past August was a tough month here in the Northwest with heat, large wildfires, and the worst air quality I have ever experienced. I had to cancel several high mileage hikes that I had planned because of the dangerous air conditions. Not surprisingly, this was my lowest hike-a-thon ever when it came to total…

Bring it on! Hike-a-thon 2018

July 31, 2018

It’s that time again! I am once again participating in the annual Hike-a-Thon for the Washington Trails Association! Last year more than 60 of you helped me raise more than $5500 for our trails! WOW! Thanks!! This year I’d like to top that and raise $6000 for our trails. Will you please consider helping me…

Forest Service to Close Trails with too many “Likes”

April 1, 2018

THIS WAS AN APRIL FOOLS POST FOR APRIL 1 2018 After monitoring Social Media sites for several years, the Forest Service has recently announced that it will begin temporarily closing trails that are too popular. If a trail has too many “likes,” has had posts go viral, or there are just too many darn shares…

Urban Trails Everett!

March 29, 2018

Twenty-five miles north of Seattle at the mouth of the Snohomish River, Everett is a city of more than one hundred thousand residents. The city has boomed over the past decade, and while Everett offers easy access to both the Mountain Loop Highway and Highway 2, sometimes you just want a trail nearby to stretch…

Three Best Family Friendly Snowshoeing Trips at Mount Rainier

March 25, 2018

While Mount Rainier and its neighboring craggy peaks offer excellent backcountry skiing and challenging winter hiking adventures—there are plenty of less-intimidating family-friendly spots within the frozen shadows of the mountain. Here are three of my favorite places to break tracks in the snow suitable for families with children and newbie snowshoers. Trail of the Shadows…

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with a hike or run in Richmond, BC

February 15, 2018

Visitors to British Columbia’s Lower Mainland often overlook Richmond for its glamorous northern neighbor, Vancouver. But this island city at the mouth of the  Fraser River; the fourth largest community in the province, is no mere ordinary suburb. Surrounded by water, teeming with parks, and home to one of the largest Asian populations in North…

Northwest Lighthouse Hikes –Spotlighting three family-friendly coastal hikes

February 6, 2018

Consider lighthouses the coastal equivalent of fire lookout towers. Utilitarian in their function and design, yet they possess a simple and eloquent beauty as well. Guiding lights through rough and stormy waters, we oft forget about their purpose and become more enamored by their settings. And like their fire spotting brethren, many a lighthouse has…

Ten Ways to Thwart the Crowds on the Trail

January 7, 2018

If you’ve been hiking for a considerable amount of time, you don’t need to be told that many of our trails have become downright crowded. Yes, we are currently experiencing a hiking boom, and in general that’s a good thing. It’s great to see folks getting outside, bonding with nature, and in general living healthy…

Urban Trails Seattle

Urban Trails Seattle! 

January 1, 2018

See a whole new side to the city! Features of this guide include: Easy to reference maps Trail distance and high point Indicates trail suitability for walkers, hikers, and runners Trailhead amenities Info for families with kids and for dog owners Sidebars on area history, nature, and sights