Congress overwhelmingly passes massive funding bill to protect, expand and maintain our public parks and trails!

Conservationists, recreationists, hikers, bird watchers, campers, bicyclists, and recreationists of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life are beyond belief at the passage of this monumental bill. According to environmental reporter Ima Tyredowaetin, “I never ever thought I would ever see in my lifetime a time when the government finally started giving our public lands the funding and backing they need.” News of this monumental appropriations bill that aims to put funding for national parks, forests, wildlife refuges and the national trails system on par with other government functions like defense, paying down the national debt and transportation elicited similar responses.

Hunter Fischer a lifelong Republican responded, “About time Congress is being serious about making our public lands great again!” Forrest Walker a lifelong Democrats simply paraphrased a famous Biden line when he served as vice president, “this is a big f*&%ing deal!” And Birdie Admyra, an Independent responded, “it’s so refreshing to see the country finally come together and rally around one of our country’s greatest assets- our public lands!” And this new bill looks to finally get our park and trail system up to par to accommodate our growing county’s interest in outdoor recreation.

“It’s surreal,” says Monet Welspent. “Finally our government is spending our tax dollars in a way most Americans can rally behind. Folks from all over the country are really going to benefit from this bill.” She continued. “It really is unbelievable!” And sadly it is. April Fools! I wish it wasn’t. But hey I can dream can’t I? And maybe, just maybe someday this will be a real news release! In the meanwhile let’s all work together toward caring and advocating for our parks, trails and public lands! No fooling there!

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