300.5 Miles Hiked and Run and $10,124 Raised

Top row left to right: Iona Park, BC, Rockingham Recreation Trail, NH, Mount Seymour BC, Clydes Pond, NH, Jade Lake, BC Middle row left to right: Mount Revelstoke BC, Salmon Arm BC, Abbott Ridge, BC, Image Lake, WA, Eva Lake, BC Bottom Row left to right: Miller Lake, BC, Miners Ridge LO WA, Pemi Loop Appalachian Trail NH, Cypress Proviccial Park, BC

It was another great Hike-a-thon!

Miles on BC’s Hollyburn Mountain

Wow! I’m always so physically and emotionally drained come September 1 after putting some serious miles on the trail in August and spending two months trying to convince you all why you should make a donation to my Hike-a-thon benefiting the Washington Trails Association. Since 2012 I have participated in Washington Trails Association’s annual Hike-a-thon as a way to have a little fun and help give back to the trails that have enhanced my life and contribute to my career. And trails have not only helped me with my livelihood as a guidebook author and outdoors writer, but as a refuge from the previous pandemic’s fallout, political rancor, inflation, despair, and my own personal challenges.

Since being diagnosed with PMR in 2020 during a time when I was questioning if my best days were over—I have been managing my condition (through medication, diet, and intense physical activity) as best I can and trying to do as much as I can realizing that tomorrow may bring an end. I continue to push myself and set new goals. And while this was not my best hike-a-thon in terms of mileage, I was able to put some incredibly intense days on the trail as part of my training for my upcoming challenge. In June I committed to run my first 100K (62 miles) race as a way to celebrate turning 62. So my 62 for 62 challenge has been my recent focus and hike-a-thon fit in nicely. I have run four challenging 50Ks in the previous 2 months and hope to do one more before my big race day on October 7th.

And you my wonderful friends and readers once again came through and opened up your wallets and made generous donations. Donations came in a little slower this year and I really had to work it the last week in which nearly $3000 came in helping me once again make my $10,000 fundraising goal. This marks three years in a row that we have raised more than $10,000 for our trails! Thank you! You all rock!

Me and Miles on the Windham (NH) Rail Trail, a gem in the town I grew up

This year’s hike-a-thon was a little different for me too in which I spent half my time on the trail not in Washington! I’ve been working on a book in British Columbia this year so Miles (the marmot mascot) and I put some serious kilometers in there as well as back in my home state of New Hampshire. And my three biggest trail highlights of the month cover all three of my favorite places to hike (only California is missing from this list—but that is where I am doing my 100K next month!). My highlights include four days of hikes in BC’s Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks, the incredibly challenging Pemi Loop in NH’s White Mountains in one day, and Image Lake and Miners Ridge in the heart of the Glacier Peak Wilderness in one day. Those were my highlight days. But every day was grand whether I was hitting the trail near my home in Skagit County or near my home where I grew up in southern New Hampshire. Time on the trail is always time well spent!

Miles packing the bear spray for our hikes in grizzly county in BC’s Columbia Mountains

And this whole process has once again recharged me and has given me reasons to stay hopeful while the outside world remains gloomy. I empathize with my fellow hikers and runners who are stressed, anxious, and depressed. These are indeed challenging times. I hope you consider setting some goals for a greater good for yourself and community. It will help you stay positive and focused. We will persevere —and I believe that ultimately it will make us better people.

So a big thanks to all of you who donated to my hike-a-thon, accompanied me on the trail, and provided support. And a big thanks once again to Oboz Footwear, Brown’s Outdoors in Port Angeles, and Green Trails Maps for their generous donations of great gear that I was able to give away to help motivate you all to donate! And a big thanks to my fellow talented guidebook author friends, Stephen Huy, Adam Sawyer, Bryan Schaeffer, Brandon Fralic, Rachel Wood and Matt Reeder for donating some of your books as donation incentives. I hope many of my readers have discovered the great work that you all do. And thanks too to John D’Onofrio of Adventures Northwest magazine for donating a backcountry cook set as a donation incentive!

And congrats to the following drawing winners:

Oboz Footwear goes to Megan Austin!

Altra Trail shoes (thanks to Browns Outdoors) goes to Eric Quinn!

And the person who will get to appear in one of my future guidebooks is Tim Mahoney

I am looking forward to spending some trail time with you!

And thanks to the 124 of you who donated!

  1. Stephanie Blakey
  2. Anonymous
  3. Sylvia Stanley
  4. Joan Amero
  5. Mary Fulton Campbell
  6. Megan Austin
  7. Judy Grandstrand
  8. Warren Scott
  9. Keri Sprenger
  10. Liz McNett Crowl
  11. Dean Wingfield
  12. Sandi Hill
  13. Leah O’Brien
  14. Julie Love
  15. Doug and Susan DuBois
  16. Shannon Weldy
  17. Vanessa Stanley
  18. Aleta Mueller
  19. Jennifer Bradwin
  20. Gregory Barnes
  21. Ed Ledger
  22. Becky Hendrick
  23. Genevie Roguski
  24. Mary Rolfe
  25. Jodi Broughton
  26. Bob Wismer
  27. Ute Collins
  28. Virginia Scott
  29. Freda Sherburne
  30. Eric Quinn
  31. Clark Allworth
  32. Chuck Nordhoff
  33. Anonymous
  34. Anonymous
  35. Ben Bergstrom
  36. Timothy Manns
  37. Marlene Groening
  38. Megan Thompson
  39. Carl and Candy Berner
  40. Alyssa Jones
  41. Wendy Wheeler-Jacobs
  42. Scotty Railton
  43. Mary Beth McNair
  44. Kristen Simerson
  45. Mark Kenney
  46. Petra Wilkenson
  47. Jonathan Rogers
  48. Michelle Haffner
  49. Judy Romano
  50. Di Hoffman
  51. Marylyn Perkins
  52. Jennifer Coleman
  53. Bret Wirta
  54. Kim Carson
  55. Robert Shirk
  56. Beth Liddell
  57. Vicky de Monterey Richoux
  58. John and Marie Erbstoeszer
  59. Bryan Blount
  60. Greg Myrick
  61. Theresa Northcutt
  62. Tom and Barb Irvine
  63. Dana Kellison
  64. Bruce Burger
  65. Ann Taft
  66. Skagit Runners
  67. Laurie Jarolimek
  68. Joan Durgin
  69. Charles Howell
  70. Hon-Wah Chan
  71. Anonymous
  72. Christy Smith
  73. Craig Sosey
  74. John Hale
  75. Helen Robinson
  76. Elyse Verstelle
  77. Steven Yee
  78. Jane Reynolds
  79. Kelly Woolms
  80. Kerry Lowry
  81. Rod Sawyer
  82. Wendy Wall
  83. Linda Shigaki
  84. Krista Hudson
  85. Anonymous
  86. Avra Cohen
  87. Kristine Bitnes
  88. Ginger Oppenheimer
  89. Pam Crooks
  90. Scott Wingate
  91. Jodi Brautaset
  92. Jan Hersey
  93. Kimberly Scott
  94. Reshma Patel
  95. Anonymous
  96. Catherine Lanning
  97. Donna Ellenz
  98. Austin Smith
  99. Douglas Romano
  100. Xabdra Copp
  101. Ali Kingfisher
  102. Peter Sonne
  103. Anonymous
  104. Anonymous
  105. Crystal Gartner
  106. Vicky de Monterey Richoux
  107. Anonymous
  108. Christine Smith
  109. Tim Mahoney
  110. Krista Chenoweth
  111. Anonymous
  112. Judith Roberts
  113. Anonymous
  114. Emily Graaf
  115. Danielle Daskam
  116. Erica Baker
  117. Anonymous
  118. Terry Wood
  119. Rob Casey
  120. Cheryl Perry
  121. Katie McNett
  122. Laura Spehar
  123. Sallie Herling
  124. Andrew Kelley

Thanks again and see you on the trail!!


  1. Larry Moiola on September 21, 2023 at 8:47 pm

    Hello Craig! Fellow Hike-a-Thoner. I started participating in 2021 and have hiked my favorite trails and many new ones. I loved seeing yours & everyone’s pictures on FB and sharing my own.

    This post is so inspirational: I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis in 2019. In 2020 I started hiking a lot and tracking my mileage and elevation gain. I coded some apps to help keep digital records. But more importantly, I found new motivation to watch my diet and exercise a lot (dozens of conditioning hikes in Forest Park & Beacon Rock SP) so I could travel further and higher in the back country. Spot on about setting goals and pushing oneself in healthy ways and returning to the outdoors to cope with the turbulence in the world. I became a volunteer with the Mt St Helens Institute, WTA, and TKO this year. I climbed MSH for the third year in a row and reached the top for the second time.

    Thanks for your energizing enthusiasm, wonderful books, and outdoors stewardship.

    • Craig on September 23, 2023 at 4:48 pm

      Hi Larry, thanks for sharing your story and so glad to see that you are managing your RA. Diet, lifestyle and keep moving are keys indeed to dealing with these issues and living life to the fullest. Best to you in your future endeavors!

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