6 February 2015
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Mangia Bene

Being Italian American, the first Italian word my Nona taught me was mangia-which in the command form means, Eat! And oh how I love to eat! If I wasn’t a hardcore hiker and runner, I fret over what my hardcore eating would do to my body. But aside from eating for basic functioning and for […]

10 May 2014
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Never Cry Wolf Again

The environmental community lost two great and prolific writers these past two weeks, Peter Matthiessen and Farley Mowat. While many of my  contemporaries reflected on the influences that Mr Matthiessen had on them and their writings and conservationism–it was Mowat that had the most profound effect on me. It was back in 1982 when my […]

8 March 2014
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Avy Advice–snow go or no go

I love winter. I love snow.  And I love winter sports! I grew up in New Hampshire where we had a saying that the weather there consisted of 11 months of winter and one month of damn poor sledding. Point-when you live in an area that has real winters, those winters can be long unless […]